Welcome to MAG Software Portal!

It is modification for Infomir IPTV MAG and Aura HD STBs. Project includes:

  • customized firmware for set-top-boxes;
  • improved SDK for making image and embedded application (portal) with some docs;
  • wiki with guides "how-to" do particular things like create firmware, lock device not to change image by customer, customize bootloader and stuff.

Firmware is supported on all MAG and Aura HD models. To be more specific:

The open platform MAGs are 200, 250, 254, 256, 270/275, 322, 324, 349 and 351. Their closed platform equivalents are 255, 257, 276, 323, 325, 350 and 352. The Aura HD equivalents are:

  • Aura HD (main model) -> MAG 250,
  • Aura HD Plus -> MAG 255,
  • Aura HD Pro -> MAG 323,
  • Aura HD Plus T2 -> MAG 276.

Aura HD series is blocked like closed platform STBs and without some necessary changes only Infomir firmware is allowed. MAGs 200, 250 & 270 have only open platform variants.

Where to get, ask, download, help?

You can download firmware and tool from website, link is on navigation menu. If you don't see it, go with this link. You can also enter directly server of project repository.

Operator utilities are available on their GitHub repository.

If you want to ask about anything, don't hesistate to go to one of already started discussions:

Of course you can also start a new thread on your forum or write me to e-mail nepose.magportal@gmail.com

Every contribution is very appreciated, always remember about it! Without your help this firmware wouldn't even exist, so it's for me a very nice thing if you suggest me the aims and features to add. For more information you can refer to Contribute into project page.

Thank you very much for being interested! :)